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Businesses grow.  When we first strike out to develop and sell a product, teams and processes are defined by individuals.  If you were to ask someone in Mom and Pop, Inc. a question related to a process, the process will be defined by the person that handles that specific job.   Let’s say you ask someone […]

WP Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting

It’s officially Fall, and that means it’s time to celebrate with WP Engine’s OctoberPress Hosting Fest! WP Engine created a new special discount code good for 3 free months of hosting with an annual hosting plan. Details for the offer: Sign up for an annual plan and get 3 months of free hosting! Use the special […]

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The easiest, most flexible, powerful, and intelligent way to publish your business online is by using WordPress. If you can update facebook, twitter, pinterest, G+, or any other social media outlet, then using WordPress to update your own website, anytime you want, will be a snap. If you can do any of these:   then you […]