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Businesses grow.  When we first strike out to develop and sell a product, teams and processes are defined by individuals.  If you were to ask someone in Mom and Pop, Inc. a question related to a process, the process will be defined by the person that handles that specific job.   Let’s say you ask someone […]

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WordPress Social Media Plugin

  Fact:  Social Media has become the #1 primary ranking method used by search engines such as Google. This can very well be the most important plugin for your WordPress site.  If you are looking for traffic, this is the first step.  Take a look at the solutions this simple plugin provides: WP Social SEO […]

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The easiest, most flexible, powerful, and intelligent way to publish your business online is by using WordPress. If you can update facebook, twitter, pinterest, G+, or any other social media outlet, then using WordPress to update your own website, anytime you want, will be a snap. If you can do any of these:   then you […]