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Why is the Genesis family of WordPress themes used by developers?

The Genesis Theme framework provides additional theme options for managing how your website appears to visitors.  Move away from the traditional blogroll and Widgetize your landing page!

Not sure what Widgetized Home Page means?

Check out our Home Page ->  Through Appearance->Widgets, I am able to manage specific content areas on my landing page to create a more professional website experience.  You no longer have to Create a ‘sticky’ post and manage your homepage content via post/page edit.

Check out even more controls and features with Genesis:


Genesis Theme Settings

    1. Information.  This section is primarily for support and maintenance of your Genesis theme.  You can setup automatic updates, update notifications (sent to admin email), and display theme information in your document source files for StudioPress technical support forums.
    2. Custom Feeds.  You can add/remove custom rss and podcast feed URI locations here.
    3. General Settings.  You can set the Genesis header options here to include using a header image or dynamic text and to widgetize the header-right section of your pages.  You can also set the default sub-page layout of your Genesis theme here.  (For example, sidebar/content, or sidebar / content / sidebar, etc)
    4. Breadcrumbs.  This places a small navigation line at the top of each deep page for visitors to easily navigate out of sub pages.  Example:  Home>Page>SecondPage>ThirdPage.

Genesis Theme Settings

5.  Primary Navigation.  Allows you to set the use of primary navigation and sub-navigation menus (supports up to 2).

6.  Content Archives.  Manage your websites archived data.

7.  Primary Navigation Extras.   Allows you to enable extras in an optional right-side sidebar widget including today’s date, rss feeds, search form, and twitter tweets.

Genesis Theme Settings

8.  Blog Page.  As with WordPress General Reading settings, you can set the Genesis theme blogroll page attributes here.

9.  Secondary Navigation.  Enable the use of a secondary navigation menu, set display properties and choose whether to use a custom menu or set attributes such as pages or categories.

10.  Header/Footer Scripts.  Add additional scripts/content to the header and footer regions of your site.  If you would like to change the actual existing content, you will need to use the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin to unhook these regions and change displayed content.

11.  Comments / Trackbacks.  Enable or disable comments on pages and posts at default settings level.

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  • Lisa Kanarek

    My comment form isn’t showing up on my Genesis theme site. Any suggestions? It was working fine until BlueHost restored the site.

    • Inforats

      Do you mean wordpress comments on each page or are you referring to specific plugin?  Like contact forms 7 or something like that?  Do you know what date Bluehost restored your site too and if was a files restore or DB restore or both?  Check Settings -> Discussion and ensure comments are on.

  • Jones

    I am installing the lexicon theme, but i cant seem to get the slide show on the home page working. do i need to download a plugin for this?

    • inforats

      The Dynamic Content Gallery is the plugin featured with most child-theme demos. Easy to use and configure after install.

  • chaz desimone

    I have two roadblocks before I can launch a customized Agency site for my client.

    The site in question is I’m a traditional graphic designer just learning WordPress, and I’ve designed this sit e for my client through a lot of trial and error. It started as the Agency theme.

    1. Since the round circles which are part of the large header image look like buttons but aren’t, I need to disengage the header from linking to the home page. I can’t find any “href:a” code anywhere. (I’m new to css.)

    2. I cannot figure out where to place the line of code for my ubillboard slide show (they supply shortcode whatever that is, and regular code, also something with php in it which I doubt I should fool with). ubillboard help sucks.

    Later I want those circles to be live buttons with rollovers, but that’s going to take some time to learn I’m afraid.
    Thank you for this site and your generosity.

  • Dariusz Rudnicki

    Hi Inforats
    I’m looking for a way to move “comments” form from after to before the comments in Delicious / Genesis theme. Under some of my posts I have so many comments that my visitors can’t even find the form (or are too lazy to scroll all the way down the page). I’m assuming this can be done by adding a filter to functions.php, but I have no idea how to do it.

    Also, I was wondering how can I place a link or a few links within a post that would scroll (when clicked) to the comment form location under the post.

    I appreciate your help, thank you.

  • Chris

    I installed Simple hooks and added some code into the Header Hooks section (genesis_header) and my header image still won’t display…. ;(

    • inforats

      If you are just trying to get a header image to display, there really shouldnt be any modification required in the genesis_header as header modification is already inherent in the admin panel ->theme settings->general settings, and by uploading a header image then modifying your CSS to point to your image

  • KimC

    I’m getting ready to roll out Genesis on my blog but am having trouble finding the blog url instead of the home page. Isn’t there a place similar to the single post where readers will be able to see all my recent posts like in a more traditional blog layout? Ditto for archives. It sounds like Genesis creates a full archive page, but I don’t know where to find it.
    I’m using Matrimony, a premium child theme based on Delicious.

    • inforats

      one of the great things about most of the genesis child themes is that it gets away from the traditional blog-roll style and instead allows you to use your home page as more of a landing page, similar to most professional websites. You can place a recent posts widget into one of the widgeted areas on your homepage to allow users to see what youve done recently. You could also add archives to one of these as well and in the sidebar on subsequent pages. It is up to you, but on the home page you are limited to the CSS layout of the editable widgeted areas. StudioPress does offer a few themes based on the traditional blogroll style found on most wordpress themes.

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Inforats
    A great breakdown of the Genesis theme settings.

    If you install a child theme, do you still have to set the genesis general settings or is that done through the child theme.

    I’m just starting to look at Genesis and as ever the initial learning curve is pretty steep.

    Glad I found this site.

    • inforats

      Some child themes add an element to the genesis settings. When you change a child theme, these settings will become available. Look at the genesis framework as just that, the framework that all child themes are built on, the foundation so to speak. You set your base settings here, then other child theme options become available with each child theme. Biggest advantage over theses themes is the front page is almost completely widgetized, allowing more control displaying home page information, rather than just a blogroll