WordPress For Your Mobile Phone

An estimated Twenty Percent or more of the global web traffic is coming from mobile devices today.  This number is expected to grow.  Smartphones, tablets, and other handhelds are getting online.

So what is WordPress doing to meet this new demand? 

1.  WordPress Responsive Themes -

This is single source CSS.  Rather than adding to or updating a WordPress website, developers make a WordPress theme that is responsive to any screen-size you throw at it.  It simply stretches and bends to the user interface.  The Genesis Framework has some well-designed mobile responsive child themes  available for download.  You can also see how some of these themes, or your own website, looks with this Mobile Responsive Checker.

Mobile Checker

2.  WordPress App for Mobile Devices –

WordPress has an App to allow the blogger to easily update, manage, and post to their blog from their mobile device.  Blog on the fly with WordPress for iOS, WordPress for Android, WordPress for Blackberry, WordPress for Windows Phone, WordPress for Nokia, and WordPress for webOS.  Learn more about these mobile applications at WordPress.com.

3.  The Web and Mobile API -

The Web API, or generally speaking, Web Services allow web communities to share content.  With the explosion of Mobile Apps, you can expect a huge increase in APIs written for WordPress to work with and share data with other mobile applications.  A good example is the PressTrends API: “PressTrends provides analytics and illuminates trends for developers, designers, and content creators within WordPress and beyond. The PressTrends API allows developers to integrate PressTrends into web and mobile apps. Available services include access to WordPress theme data, plugin data, and more. This is a RESTful API returning JSON or XML formatted responses.”

4.  Mobile Responsive Plugins

If you like your current theme, and just want to tweak it to allow an existing theme to become mobile responsive, then a slew of plugins are available for download.   There are almost too many to list.  Simply Search for ‘WordPress Mobile Plugins’ and get results for WPtouch, WP Mobile Pack, Wapple, and more!

5.  Security

With all the above listed options and upcoming tools to improve your mobile WordPress experience, how will this impact WordPress Security?  WordPress has been hacked and attacked and continues to be.  Although considered very secure today, there was a time when WordPress was very vulnerable to hackers . With increased data sharing and the ability to remotely connect to your WordPress CMS from multiple platforms, the bad guys are gonna come and test the locks.  The biggest recommendation Inforats can make for all WordPress users is to UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE.  Keep your site up to date and passwords fresh.