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This is a guest post by Fenix Raw.  

WordPress is one of the most famous blog and domain providers of the world. It provides a medium to its users from all over the world to tell others about their existence in the form of blogs, articles and own websites. Most of the bloggers all over the world recommend WordPress more than any other blogging site. There are simple and straight reasons for their suggestion.

Why WordPress is the best?

There are many reasons in support for WordPress which are told by experienced bloggers who have tried several other cms.Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • The primary reason in support for WordPress is the ease in creation and decoration of blog that it provides to its users. Only qualifications needed to create a blog in WordPress is that user should know to create an account, type and upload images. That’s it.
  • Second reason is that there are majority of plugins available for WordPress that can give a blog owner some extra features.
  •  It’s not just a blogging site, users can create fully functional site from it. Many sites of today’s internet are made by WordPress.

After a user creates a blog, there are some choices that user can make for its blog. Either it can use it as a free user or a premium user; and to apply a free theme or a premium theme. A theme is a template that contains basic widgets and arrangements of these widgets. It provides a standard look and feel for the blog and site. Even a free user can use both free theme and premium theme. There are some advantages of both of them when compared to each other.

Free themes:

Free themes are provided to the WordPress users completely free of charge for their blog. Although they are called as free themes, still they are very beautiful and in a large number. There are about 197 free themes to choose from. Free themes have following advantages and disadvantages.

  • For a free user, they give an overview of what the site is capable to produce. So before the user can make a deal and buy premium theme, they can test the existing.
  • It gives free users some experience of about how a theme is going to work, how to add widgets in it and how to change existing widgets.
  • For a simple user who is using blogging for hobby, free themes provide all the necessary things that will be required.
  • The main drawback of free themes is that even if the user knows programming, themes cannot be modified by its source code and user cannot get a desired custom look by this method.
  • There can be many other blogs with same free theme. So these users blog will look same and they will lack uniqueness.



Premium Themes:

Premium themes are also called paid themes. To apply these themes in the blog, a user first needs to purchase it. There are few advantages and openness due to which a user is attracted to the premium themes.

  • The main reason of using premium theme is for users who have sufficient programming knowledge and can edit the code of theme in order to give it a new and desired look.
  • If user is very sincere towards its blog and want unique look in it, then it can be achieved by premium themes.
  • Users who want to earn from blog can put the ads of different sites like Google adSense in specified area of blog.
  • The disadvantage of using premium theme is the risk involved in purchasing it. After purchasing, user own the theme and in case he/she does some modifications after which something goes wrong, then there will be trouble in finding the solution.

So, both free themes as well as premium themes have their own advantages, limitations and risks. The key point is that – free themes are great option for beginners in WordPress and are a mean to get friendly with WordPress; while premium themes are meant for serious and advanced bloggers.



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